Matt Holland Interview

Hi, welcome to the McKillen Report, my new sports blog. I’ll be bringing you interviews with former Premier League footballers as well as opinion articles on a variety of sports in the coming weeks.

First of all, I’ve got a short interview with former Republic of Ireland international Matt Holland.

Why did you choose to go into journalism rather than coaching?

I think it comes down to journalism choosing me to be honest. After turning 30 the advice I got was to keep my options open. I started doing more media work but I also took the B licence coaching course. I was offered a coaching role but felt that it was too soon for me to take and then since retiring I’ve had more offers from the media side and decided to pursue that more. There’s always a part of me that wonders what it would have been like to go down the management route but I’m happy with the choices I’ve made.

What do you enjoy most about your new role and are there any tougher elements to it?

The thing I enjoy most is going to matches. I still get a massive buzz every time I turn up at a ground for a game and always wish I was playing. To be honest I love most aspects of the job. I suppose being on the road a lots the major negative but I feel very privileged to be doing what I am.

You were well known for your persistent work ethic and determination to play through the pain barrier. Looking back do you regret not taking more time off?

Not at all. Football was and still is my life. I may suffer a little now with minor niggles and injuries but I wouldn’t swap my career for a pain free body!

As an 18 year old you spent six months at Farnborough and we’ve seen Jordan Pickford and Jamie Vardy come from non-league to the World Cup. What does non league football teach you that a Premier League academy can’t? 
I don’t think its so much non league football as lower league football in general. There is very little money in the lower and non leagues and everything is done on a budget. It teaches you to respect what you have at the top level and aspire to play in the Premier League.

What is your fondest football memory and why? 
I have two. Playing and scoring for Ireland at the World Cup and also lifting a trophy at Wembley – something I dreamt of as a child.


One thought on “Matt Holland Interview

  1. One of the most honest professional footballers of his generation. They don’t come long often but when they do you know. That’s why the Ipswich fans idolise him and he’s in the Ipswich hall of fame. When you think of the greats that’s played for them the word Legends comes to mind. Enough said really


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