Toni Alcinas comfortable in 3-0 victory over Kiwi debutant

Toni Alcinas cruised to victory over Craig Ross who only managed to win a single leg in a nervy display. Alcinas will face Peter Wright in the second round.

Spain’s number two Alcinas took on the New Zealand qualifier Ross in the opening match of the night. “El Dartador” scrambled for doubles in the first leg, eventually checking out six on double one. Alcinas won the first set with relative ease, finishes of 76 and 47 gave him the early advantage.

The second set began with the Spaniard pinning tops for another break of throw. After missing 116 on double 18, Alcinas hit it at the second attempt whilst Ross languished behind. Ross’s average continued to hover around 68 while Alcinas landed tops once more to double his lead. The Kiwi missed two darts at tops for his first leg and Alcinas pounced with a 102 finish on double 16.

Spain’s World Cup star moved closer to victory by setting up tops from 90 to go a leg from the last 64. The match looked set for a whitewash before Ross found double 10 for his first leg. However, Ross ended with just a solitary leg in the end. Alcinas missed three match darts before eventually checking out five to advance to the second round.

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